Designer by profession and music curator by passion. K Alexis is a Mexican Dj based in Brooklyn, NY. Her interest for electronic music goes back from her influence and interest in music and a passion for selecting and digging for new music. in 2009, while studying abroad in London she discovered the electronic underground music scene for the first time and her interest in the scene began to grow. In 2012 she started Djing and immersing herself in the scene in Monterrey, Mexico where her passion began to evolve. She has played her sets in recognized clubs and festivals in Monterrey including Casa Morelos and Topaz Deluxe where she now has a residency. In Mexico City she has played in clubs like, MN Roy, Yu Yu, Sunday Sunday, Malaquita Rooftop, Jules Basement and other clubs and bars including Kiki Tulum and Casa Pueblo Tulum. She’s also involved with brands for fashion and art events.

Since 2017 she's been living in New York City, where she's been exploring her taste in music with different sub genres of house and techno, evolving with her music selections and working on her own productions. Carefully she has been defining her style influenced on her music roots, traveling and her time spent in NYC.

Her sound is a unique blend of new wave, synth, electro sounds with alternative and dark influence making her sets different each time fluctuating between genres from house, techno and dark disco, merging old and new sounds that take people out of time and into the pulse of the moment, but above all, to get them dancing.